June 6, 2023 First group meeting


Dear Team,


Warm welcome to you all on becoming a part of our research group here at GTIIT. Each one of you has been chosen because you have something special to offer.

Our lab consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas. This melting pot of intellect is something to be truly excited about and is one of the many beauties of academic research.


In our group, every voice matters and every idea are valued. We will work collaboratively, embracing challenges, appreciating failures as learning opportunities, and celebrating successes - all with the goal of pushing the frontiers of knowledge in our field.

As we embark on this journey of discovery together, you should remember that my door is always open for you. We encourage you to open communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Please feel free to discuss with mentor, with colleagues, whether it's about your project, academic interests, or even personal concerns.


Looking forward to working together and to seeing the incredible things we will accomplish. Welcome to the new challenge, welcome to the new adventure, and welcome aboard!


Best Regards,

Guo's lab